Homemade Pies

mann-madeSince 1956, Mann Orchards has been making our pies, all by hand. Every one of our pies is filled, topped, milked and boxed by hand, fresh every day, right here in our own kitchen. We always use the very best ingredients, including our own orchard fresh apples, grown and peeled right here, wild Maine blueberries, real Key lime juice and many other carefully selected ingredients.

Most of our homemade pies come in 8″ and 10″ options; the availability of each pie is shown below. Our pie varieties vary throughout the seasons, so check back often to see what is in season at Mann’s. Seasonal pies are also indicated below with an “S.”

 Pies Available for Christmas are marked with a festive CHRISTMASPIEICON

Christmas Ordering!

Cream Pies…

You can call us at (978) 683-0361 to place an order for one of our homemade cream pie!!

Choose from:

  • Chocolate Cream
  • Banana Cream
  • Apple Cream
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Tollhouse Cookie Pie
  • Peanut Butter Pie

Orders will not be taken for our tradition fruit pies.

It’s a Pie Thing…

Ruth’s Original Apple Pie

ruths-original-apple-pie-mann-orchards Ruth’s Original apple pie is a legendary and local favorite! This old-fashioned apple pie features a flaky, buttery pastry crust and juicy apple filling that is made with our own orchard-grown apples.

Juice Sweetened (Low sugar) also available
pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10 CHRISTMASPIEICON

Apple Crumb Topped Pie

apple-crumb-topped-pie-mann-orchards A delicious homemade apple pie made with the freshest of apples, cinnamon, baked with a brown sugar, butter topping.

Blueberry Pie

mann-orchards-blueberry-pie A scrumptious homemade pie that is packed full of plump and sweet, wild Maine blueberries, encased in a delicious buttery pastry.

Juice Sweetened (Low sugar) also available

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10CHRISTMASPIEICON

Blueberry Crumb Topped Pie

 Our bakery puts a delectable twist on our traditional homemade blueberry pie with a crunchy topping of oats, brown sugar, and butter.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10CHRISTMASPIEICON

Burgundy Pie

homemade-burgundy-pie-mann-orchards Our homemade burgundy pie is the perfect marriage between rich blueberries and savory raspberries.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10CHRISTMASPIEICON

Burgundy Crumb Topped Pie

 Our traditional burgundy pie gets special treatment with our famous crumb topping. What could be better than blueberries and raspberries mixed with a crunchy buttery topping?

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10CHRISTMASPIEICON

Cherry Pie

cherry-pie-mann-orchards Cherries are baked in a sweet sauce made with vanilla and brown sugar, all lovingly paired with a handmade flaky, buttery crust.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10CHRISTMASPIEICON

Mince Pie

 A famous mix of apples, raisins and spices baked in a homemade flaky, buttery crust.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10seasonal-iconCHRISTMASPIEICON

Dynamite Don’s Famous Five Fruit Pie

homemade-dynamite-dons-famous-five-fruit-pie It’s a combination of the classics, with apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb. Think it’s too much? Not at all! The unique blend gives it a refreshing tartness, but it’s still sweet enough to steal your heart.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10CHRISTMASPIEICON

Dynamite Don’s Famous Five Fruit Crumb Topped Pie

 Tart yet sweet, Dynamite Don’s Famous Five Fruit Crumb Topped Pie is the perfect combination of all the classics, coupled with a flaky-gooey crumb topping. It jut doesn’t get any better than this.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10CHRISTMASPIEICON

Pumpkin Pie

The sweet taste of pumpkin mixed with the savory flavors of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, all baked in a delicious handmade pie crust. A holiday favorite!

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10seasonal-iconCHRISTMASPIEICON

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

strawberry-rhubarb-pie-mann-orchards A marriage of sweetness and tartness, this pie forms the most perfect union as juicy strawberries and rhubarb come together.

Juice Sweetened (Low sugar) also available

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10CHRISTMASPIEICON

Squash Pie

pumpkin-pie-mann-orchards If you love pumpkin pie, you will certainly love this! Farm-fresh squash fills our handmade flaky, buttery crust, making for a smoother texture and milder flavor.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10seasonal-iconCHRISTMASPIEICON

Lemon Pie

lemon-pies-mann-orchards Our tangy lemon pie is a refreshing treat, made with fresh lemon juice and zest, baked in our famous pastry shell.


Custard Pie

pie-placeholder Sweet and creamy, our savory egg custard pie is delicately flavored with nutmeg and vanilla – a traditional dessert made extraordinary.



Pecan Pie

pie-placeholder A traditional pecan pie with thick molasses and the perfect amount of pecans in our famous crust.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10 seasonal-iconCHRISTMASPIEICON

Cream Pies

Apple Cream Pie

apple-cream-pie-mann-orchards Our crust has a delicious cream filling topped with our own fresh apples, laced with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10 CHRISTMASPIEICON

Chocolate Cream Pie

 A decadent combination of a graham cracker pie crust, homemade whipped cream and creamy chocolate. Makes for an amazing holiday dessert!

Available in a 9″ sizeCHRISTMASPIEICON

Banana Cream Pie

homemade-key-lime-pie-mann-orchards A creamy classic, made with fresh bananas combined with a rich vanilla cream. This luscious pie is sure to add elegance to any special occasion.

CHRISTMASPIEICONAvailable in a 9″ size

Lemon Meringue Pie

lemon-meringue-pie-mann-orchards Rich and creamy, our lemon meringue pie bursts with a fresh and deliciously tart filling, made with the help of fresh lemon juice and lemon zest.

Available in a 9″ size


Toll House Pie

A cookie pie that features the sweet gooey goodness of Nestle® Toll House® chocolate chips.

Available in a 9″ size

Key Lime Pie

 An American all-time favorite, this signature creamy and semi-tart pie is made with real Key lime juice. Makes for a smooth and refreshing dessert!


Strawberry Cream Pie

homemade-strawberry-cream-pie-mann-orchards Sweet, plump native strawberries combined with a light & airy homemade whipped cream – nestled in our famous handmade pie crust. Only available during the native strawberry season!

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10seasonal-icon

Blueberry Cream Pie

homemade-blueberry-cream-pie-mann-orchards A local favorite, our signature blueberry cream pie is perfect for your next special occasion.


pie-icon-10 seasonal-icon


Peach Cream Pie

Juicy peaches and our light & airy homemade whipped cream fill our famous flaky pie crust.

pie-icon-8 pie-icon-10seasonal-icon








  • disqus_4Db2I8MyYf

    the burgundy pie is the best damn pie i’ve ever had

  • Margaret Miller

    I agree, Bugandy Pie……lump. Mann’s Orchards is a great store to buy fresh bakery items, fruits and vegetables, gift baskets and so much more. While there you can order a bite to eat and sit in the comfy cafe. And, the owners are also very generous to an institution for which I work. All the more reason to shop there. When you go do not forget to pick up a Burgandy pie…yum

  • Kathy Case

    Can they be shipped??

  • Mara Coleman

    Don’s 5 fruit crumb top is our favorite. We sometimes have it for breakfast, in a mug (if it happens to be left over from the night before!) Love you guys!

  • Linda Brunelle

    Do you have Apricot pies and when do you have them