Hard Sodas are Here!

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Familiar Flavors For Spontaneous Moments

Henry’s Hard Soda, a new line of deliciously refreshing hard sodas made with real cane sugar!

Crafted for beer and non-beer drinkers alike with 4.2 percent alcohol by volume, Henry’s puts a playful spin on familiar flavors with Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale and Henry’s Hard Orange Soda.

Henry’s Hard Soda offers a smooth, moderate body, mild effervescence and a satisfying finish with refreshing, distinctive twists that vary by flavor:

  • Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale: a delightful balance of fresh ginger flavor and herbal notes delivers a moderate ginger aroma and slightly spicy and fruity undertones.
  • Henry’s Hard Orange Soda: a unique blend of natural Valencia orange flavor provides just the right amount of sweetness and a pleasant pop of tangy citrus flavor