Thanksgiving 2022!

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Our holiday hours are : Mon & Tues (7am-8pm) |  & Wed (7am-6pm) | Thur (7am-12pm) | Friday: CLOSED

8″ Fruit Pies: $11.00
10″ Fruit Pies: $13.00
8″ Pecan Pies: $13.00
10″ Pecan Pies: $15.00
8″ Custard Pies: $11.00 (only available in 8″ size)

Wondering if you need to order a pie for Thanksgiving? Nope!! We do not take any orders. We bake round-the-clock to provide a large assortment of pies, and we recommend that people come early in the day if looking for a certain type and size of pie! First come first serve!

Cream Pies? Sorry! Not this holiday! For the Thanksgiving holiday we stick to the classics. You can check out the list (find the turkey!) here:

When is a good time to come by? NOW!! Pies bought before Sunday Nov 20th can be put in the freezer, we’ll happily provide freezer bags with instructions for each pie you choose. Any pies bought on Sunday Nov 21st or after, if stored in the refrigerator, will be perfect for Thursday!

How do you tend to your favorite holiday dessert (aka a Mann’s pie)? If you pick up your pie and it is still warm, a good chance since they are fresh baked 50 feet from our display, please allow them to cool on your counter. Don’t leave them in a plastic bag! After they cool, store in the refrigerator till turkey day!!