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  1. disqus_4Db2I8MyYf says:

    the burgundy pie is the best damn pie i’ve ever had

  2. Leo Kamitian says:

    Are burn outs still welcome?

  3. Steve Sillari says:

    I know it’s supposed to be a cruise night but I wish the event would start a earlier tomorrow for Columbus Day because the sun goes down so fast in October. It would be nice to see the cars in the daylight for a little while. 6pm is a bit late.

  4. Margaret Miller says:

    I agree, Bugandy Pie……lump. Mann’s Orchards is a great store to buy fresh bakery items, fruits and vegetables, gift baskets and so much more. While there you can order a bite to eat and sit in the comfy cafe. And, the owners are also very generous to an institution for which I work. All the more reason to shop there. When you go do not forget to pick up a Burgandy pie…yum

  5. TheLoneStarBand says:

    Was wondering if you have any organic produce?

  6. Kathy Case says:

    Can they be shipped??

  7. Mara Coleman says:

    Don’s 5 fruit crumb top is our favorite. We sometimes have it for breakfast, in a mug (if it happens to be left over from the night before!) Love you guys!

  8. Se Rom says:

    Anyone know what a ricotta Square cost

  9. Dan Haley says:

    How can I mail order (to California) from Mann’s?

  10. DGWebster says:

    Basil available yet?

  11. Nancy Pratt says:

    Hello… I’m wondering can your pies be shipped

  12. Ryantoday says:

    Didn’t Mann’s Orchard sell off a lot of land to the now defunct Methuen Mall in the early 1970s? I remember when the orchard when it was even bigger than it is today.

  13. moonchild36 says:

    any strawberries left or is season gone ???

  14. Linda Brunelle says:

    Do you have Apricot pies and when do you have them

  15. Karen Taber says:

    What time do they open

  16. Joycelle says:

    Are these amounts correct? Seems like an amazing amount of sugar and flour for just 8 peaches.

  17. […] been family owned since 1877 providing homemade pies, local produce and a fun family atmosphere. Their bakery will steer anyone’s car in their direction! Oh, goodness, […]

  18. Michelle Collins says:

    I am so excited for this! We usually travel over 45 minutes for fall fun activities… this will have it all and I can’t wait to do the maze!

  19. NHwitch says:

    Do you offer pick your own apples?

  20. Robert Lamothe says:

    Do you have gingerbread cookies

  21. Heather Herdman says:

    The best apple pies that a grown up could ask for… my boyfriend and I ate one for dinner last night, yes an entire pie. These are the best pies ever, we are probably going to get more for the snowy nights here in Boston. Thank you for creating the perfect apple to pie crust ratio.. these are clutch for when I do not want to cook.